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Agent Lee
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: NSA headquarters, hovervan
Affiliations: NSA
Weaponry: Various
Voiced by: Lauren Tom

NSA Special Agent Lee was part of the team searching for the rogue infiltration unit Zeta.


Almost from the beginning of the hunt for Zeta, Agent Lee had doubts about their mission. Early on, it was Lee who raised a concern over whether Zeta was sincere about simply wanting to be free. Bennet's insistence that Zeta's newfound "conscience" could only be a cover seemed to persuade her, and she continued to try to catch Zeta with the rest of the team (proving more effective, at any rate, than her frequent partner Agent West), but her heart did not seem to be in it.

When Zeta saved her life from the bounty hunter Krick, Lee's attitude towards him was shaken further. Though she managed to corner him in the end, Lee chose to let him escape, using Agent West's cries for help as an excuse.[1] The next time Zeta crossed paths with the NSA, Lee was not seen among the agents trying to subdue him.[2]

Bennet eventually became so obsessed with capturing Zeta that he'd disobey orders from his superiors. Lee then made the decision to inform the head of the NSA about Bennet's extremeness and resigned from his team.[3]

Lee later became part of the team to recover the rebuilt body of Infiltration Unit 7. She also saw through Zeta's disguise, who gave her IU7's CPU chip which he had disconnected from its body.[4]


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