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Agent West
Species: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Base: NSA headquarters, hovervan
Affiliations: NSA
Weaponry: Various
Voiced by: Michael Rosenbaum

"Oh, good, it's just you."
Rosalie Rowan[1]

NSA Special Agent Orin West[2] was part of the team searching for the rogue infiltration unit Zeta.


West's NSA career was fraught with mistakes and poor judgment. While he still posed a threat to Zeta's freedom in his own right, he would just as often fumble a capture and allow him to slip away.

While he somehow managed to hold onto his job, West's bungling — which had grown to include blowing up the NSA hover-van, handcuffing Agent Bennet to his desk and arresting the bureau chief — eventually got him and Agent Lee assigned to an out-of-the-way dead-end lead. Unexpectedly, they did indeed catch up with Zeta here, finding him, Ro, and Krick, a bounty hunter at an abandoned candy factory. By the time it was over, though, West was left hanging from a catwalk, giving Lee (whose perspective toward Zeta had been changed by the encounter) an excuse to save him and let Zeta escape yet again.[1]

West was left stunned and confused when Lee quit the Zeta team[3] but quickly fell in with Agent Rush instead.


The Zeta Project

Batman Beyond


  • On the old website for The Zeta Project, West was said to have been part of "Scout Unit Four" with Lee and after they "botch a chance to capture Zeta at the Wood Valley Maryland hoverbus station... [they] get assigned to Agent Bennet's personal detail as their punishment." [4]
  • Agent West shares hair color, a surname, and a voice actor with Wally West. The characters are never said to be related but it's certainly being implied.


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