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Agent Bennet
Real name: James Bennet, Sr.
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Relatives: unnamed wife
James Bennet, Jr. (son)
Affiliations: NSA
Voiced by: Joe Spano[1]
Kurtwood Smith[2]

NSA Special Agent James Bennet headed the team searching for the rogue infiltration unit Zeta, and by extension, Rosalie Rowan. Never more than a step behind, his name soon became synonymous with danger for the two fugitives.


Bennet was in pursuit of a rogue infiltration unit named Zeta, who had abandoned his mission while investigating terrorist organization Brother's Day. NSA believes that Zeta was reprogrammed by Brother's Day for an unknown purpose and they must recapture him before it could be carried out. Bennet lead a squad of agents to find Zeta in Gotham City, tracking him through his homing beacon, which he was trying to disable. After a small firefight outside Hamilton Hill High School, Bennet briefed Commissioner Gordon on Zeta. After losing Zeta, Bennet and his agents left.

Bennet later returned to Gotham on a different matter: to stop another terrorist organization called Kobra from unleashing a deadly virus upon Gotham to threaten a ransom of 10 billion credits from the government. Already Kobra had tested the virus on a small tropical island—with devastating results. The NSA turned to Stalker to find Kobra's contact, Falseface, and the virus canister. Coincidentally, Batman showed up, so the two foes had to team up to save the city.

Soon enough, Bennet's desire to capture Zeta grew so greatly that he disobeyed orders from his superiors not to investigate Research and Development, for it was above his clearance. He learned that Zeta was searching for his creator, Dr. Selig, whom he believes that Brother's Day wants to capture to build infiltration units of their own. However, the synthoid escapes his grasp yet again and Colonel Lemak prevents him from even talking to Selig, having been informed by Agent Lee, who then quits his team.

Bennet would fully be convinced of Zeta's innocence when he arrived at the Gnosis, the government's highest synthoid production lab, which Brother's Day attacked. He managed to pin down Titus Sweete but learned that Brother's Day didn't know, let alone use Zeta. Bennet then ran off to find out why. He overheard Dr. Selig telling Zeta and Ro about the purpose of the mysterious module in his head, which acted as a conscience, so that he could rethink his programming. Suddenly, Sweete managed to detonate the bombs placed around the Gnosis and then shot down Selig's escape pod. Bennet tried to stop him but failed, though he apprehended the dangerous terrorist and took him into custody before the base is destroyed.

Because Selig is presumed dead, no one but Bennet could clear Zeta's name.


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