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Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson
Real name: Ray Thompson
Species: Metahuman
Eyes: Red
Base: Seaboard City
Affiliations: Justice Guild of America
Abilities: Reality manipulation
Voiced by: Neil Patrick Harris

"It's over, Ray."
"It's been over before! I
changed that!"
John Stewart
— Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson was the mascot of the Justice Guild of America. In reality, he was a being possessing supernatural powers.


The JGA fought in a nuclear war that cost all of their lives and lead to the destruction of most of their planet's world. Ray survived and developed vast psychic powers from the nuclear fallout. He used his newfound powers to recreate the world in which he lived and "resurrect" his heroes.

When part of the Justice League entered the time-stream of the alternate Earth, they worked alongside the JGA to defeat schemes planned by the villainous Injustice Guild. Hawkgirl, while ending a battle of this manner, stumbled upon the graves of the "real" JGA, becoming suspicious as to what was really going on. After a series of events, an enraged Ray revealed his true form and his plot (Which was simply to recreate the world he once knew). The JGA learned that they were simply Ray's "creations", and not the true heroes, so in a true act of nobility, they did battle with Ray and "died" once again to save their world, however real it may have been.


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